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Specialized P.1 Owners Thread

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Welcome guys,

I just got my Specialized P.1 All Moutain Disc today for $499 + tax.
I will have pics up asap

all other P.1 owners post your bike and what you like/dislike about it!
personally, i'm wondering how the front shocks & rear will handle me constantly doing 4-6in climbs/jumps. do you think it can handle it?
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so u think the P.1 AM can handle about 4-6 in drops/climbs about 20x a day? because where i live, thats the most common...
yeah but its not really made for that thhough
what is the p1 am made for then?
the p1 am is made for riding trails and lite all mountain so i guess it could handle the jumps. But what do you mean by 6 inch climbs that is not much

like going up and down this thing
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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