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Specialized Myka Sport 09 vs Diamondback Lux Sport 09

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I'm torn between 3 bikes:
Specialized Myka Sport 09 $459 (bike shop) :

Diamondback Lux Sport 09 $464 (sport chalet) :

Cannondale F9 Féminine $439 (bike shop) :

This is my first mountain bike. They all feel OK riding it and are good looking. The lux has disc brakes but some lower end components compared to the Myka. The Cannondale has only 80mm suspension. Any feedback on which is better purely based on components?

Use will be for simple to hard trails as well as everyday riding.

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Personally, I would go with the Myka. There's not much quality difference in the Suntour fork on the Myka vs. the RST fork on the Cannondale, but you seemed to like the fact that the Suntour could be adjusted to be 100mm. Also, with the disc brakes on the Diamondback...on low end disc brakes, there's usually no benefit in getting them over a set of V brakes. Go back and ride the Cannondale and the Myka again, maybe going over some curbs (up and down), and see if you can't get a bead on whether one feels better than the other because the rest of the components on the F9 and the Myka are almost identical. Good luck. :)
Thanks! The disc brakes on the Lux was making me lean towards but now that I know they aren't that great, I can look at the other two more seriously. I will try them out again.
My wife has a Lux. It is a non disk one that she loves.

Thanks all. I ended up getting a Marin Bear Valley for women and love it! Saw a good deal and grabbed it.
Looks like a really nice bike. :) Have a blast with it!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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