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Here's a heads up to anyone trying to use a hayes rear brake with a specialized aluminum bike:

I was noticing that my commuter bike (Specialized Hard Rock, about 2004) had trouble accepting my Hayes 9 when i upgraded to them a few weeks back (in preparation for the winter, which sucks with v brakes). No matter how much I adjusted the brakes, they still rubbed in the rear. I thought it might have been a defective caliper because i saw it was actually leaning out of alignment with the rotor. This means that the bottom of the rotor -- the closer part to the hub -- was not rubbing, but the top of the rotor was.

taking the assembly apart, i could see that there was a noticeable dent (dent not shown in pictures) on the adapter right around where the number 2 is labeled. looking at the place on the rear triangle that the adapter was mounted to, i could see that there was a weld that was obstructing that area.

instead of grinding down my weld, i did so to the adapter with a drill bit like the one pictured. this completely solved my problem and i didn't even have to align my brakes after i bolted them on. there's no rubbing at all now.

on the labeled picture, the number 1 is where i ground a little bit, number 2 is where i had to take a significant amount from (about a mm).

Note that this is a commuter bike (just look at the tires). if it was used in more intense circumstances, it would have required a less destructive solution. in spite of the fact that this worked for me, i don't suggest it for others. you can choose to try it, but you need to be careful.


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