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Specialized Henge saddle?

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Anybody with experience on this new trail/AM saddle from Specialized?
Is it prostate friendly?
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I have one on my Stumpy. Not as soft as the Format that it replaced but as comfortable... just not as long. Make sense?

But I have just been riding again for the past few months so my butt muscles are still getting seat strong.
It is a Body Geometry saddle; therefore: yes it is "prostate friendly"!!
It's available in 130 and 143mm wide, in Black and White ( in both sizes ).....
Thanks for the feedback, have you made a direct comparison with either the Alias or the Phenom?
I've tried both and stil prefer the Henge for AM riding.... I do like the Phenom for more flat/uphill on semi-smooth terrain but perfer the Henge on the Stumpy FSR and the Enduro. But that's just MHO!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts