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Before I even go into my problems.

Local bike shop has a used 05 Specialized Enduro Comp for $1300 totally loaded.
Local seller has an 04 Stumpjumper FSR M4 w/ good componets other than front fork for $750.

I ride mostly backwoods trails and I guess would be considered AM. I already have a DH bike and a Single speed. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

************************************************** *************************************************

I have an 05 Hardrock SS Disc with a Marzocchi MZ Comp fork, I might purchase the 04 Stumpy M4 FSR w/ a Manitou Black Elite fork.

I mostly ride my local trails which include a few jumps and drops.

I'm a big guy, 225lbs and have had no problems or bottoming out with the MZ Comps, I get the bike tomorrow and want to ride it, but I kinda have a feeling that without upgraded springs the Manitou isnt going to cooperate with me so well.

My questions is, how difficult is it to swap the Marzocchi with the Manitou.

Which is a better fork?

SO A, B, or C.

A. Get new springs for the Manitou

B. Swap the Manitou with the Marzocchi

C. Stop Messing around and get a Fox Talas
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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