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Specialized Hardrock vs Rockhopper

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Hi guys ,
im about to buy a new bike after my evil saracen eventually has went beyond repair ;) and ive decided i dont want another begginner-intermediate (crap) bike!

Ive been looking at the specialized hardrock (any of the models with disc brakes). Thoughi did notice for an extra 80quid on top of the hardrock pro disc i can get the base model of the rockhopper. Is it worth while spending extra money to get a rockhopper whats the main difference?

The sort of cycling i will be doing will be mostly commuting through cities.. however i do intend to take this bike off road whenever possible the type off road riding will be a bit of cross country/downhill with a few wee jumps. I want a bike thats gonna last for at least 5 year if not 10 unlike my saracen which only gave me 1 and a half years bad service :mad:

is there much noticeable difference between avid bb5 mech disc brakes and textro 160mm hydraulic brakes.

one other concern rockshocks dart forks are they as rubbish as they look?

any help much appreciated!
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My advise, BB5's are much better than Tectro Hydro brakes.

I am a shop mechanic and I deal with those Tectro's all the time. The BB's are great, and easy to work on and maintain. For future reference for everyone out there- Low end hydraulic brakes are NOT better than high end mechanical brakes, net even close.
Hey, i was almost in the same boat as you. I ordered a hardrock sport disc but it came into the shop in the wrong size. They had a base rockhopper there for about 40 more so i jumped on that......the rockhoppers frame is a little better and most of the components het an upgrade. Oh yeah, and the rockshox dart 3 that you get on the rockhopper is better than the shock on the hardrock. there ya go.
Well I have a 2004 rockhopper and my friend has a hardrock comp, and his hardrock is better for around town cruising, but on trails that are extreme cross country my rockhopper is much better. It takes everything the trail throws at it. Also the components are a big upgrade. My friends brakes dont work nearly as well as mine, and his rear derailleur has fallen off before.
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