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Specialized Fast Trak 29er Tire?

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There was some talk about this tire sometime ago. Is it

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It's supposedly on the ocean right now. When it's available, I expect it to be all over this forum, on "everyone's" bikes. Good tire.
I was one of the lucky few who recieved the "gift" of a pair of these from Specialized. I love this tire, to me it has all the positives of the Exi's but without their weight and is just as big for all purposes.
Alright, now I'm getting a number of conflicting reports. Cloxxki as above seems pretty sure they're on the way, Shiggy posted before with a snippet from the S-Works tyre product manager to the same effect, but my calling around just now with Specialized has not been so definitive.

The UK Specialized product people said an absolutely definite "no way" (I even had to explain what a 29" wheeled bike was - worrying...) as they don't have such bikes. I then thought I'd try to get on to the tyre product manager in the US Shiggy referenced, and while I was unable to get through to him, someone there (in Sales I think) told me they're definitely not in the '06 product line, and not certain on when (and even whether) they would be.

Anyone got a definite yes/no answer?

Someone please scan the appropriate part of the dealer catalogue where it lists the item number? Cover up all confidential stuff, obviously.
Singular said:
Alright, now I'm getting a number of conflicting reports...

Anyone got a definite yes/no answer?

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