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Specialized Evo Comp vs Specialized Evo Comp Alloy

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Hello all, looking for a little advice on bike selection....

I am up in the air between getting a Specialized Evo Comp (Carbon) or the Specialized Evo Comp Alloy. I can get the Specialized Evo Comp from a LBS with $200 off MSRP and they will set it up tubeless for free. I can also pick up a Specialized Evo Comp Alloy for MSRP at a LBS a few hours away. My question is, is the extra $1,000 worth it? I have never had a carbon mountain bike before (do have a carbon road bike) and the the Evo Comp does have some upgraded components (namely the GX drivetrain). Just not sure the frame and drivetrain are worth it.

I have ridden both, though they were a couple of weeks apart, and didn't notice anything significantly different during my rides (thought I could feel the Carbon in my wrists more and it appeared to have a very small - almost unnoticeable - edge on the climbing aspect). I also don't really like the baby blue frame, no idea why they picked that color.....but that is just me being picky.

Any advice/insight is appreciated.
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The price for the Stumpjumper carbon was $4200 in February and the alloy version was $3500. Now the alloy is still selling at $3500 and the carbon bike sells for $4700. I bought the alloy as the extra $1310 for the carbon frame was not worth the slight saving in weight and possible gain in performance with the different rear suspension.

If cost was the primary consideration I would have bought a mail order bike from a place like Canyon but I prefer to support local owner operated businesses and keep the money in the community.

One thing I have learned in my recent searches for bikes is that I need to phone around to find out what is actually in the dealer's inventory. Often a bike was in their storage facility but not shown as available or they could transfer it from another store. In one case a local dealer sold Giant bikes but is not listed as a dealer on the Giant website. Same store owner mentioned that Specialized had put the wrong phone number for their store on the website and a lot of potential customers thought that they had gone out of business.
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