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Specialized Enduro Fork Internals

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Some issues on a Specialized Elso Sl. The DC fork Specialized uses on Enduro SL 08’s .

A friend of mine came his for replacement . The controller rods had been unthreaded from their fixing at the end of the damper shims. Fixed that but now I have some questions.

First of all where could I find the internal assembly manual ?? Guess nowhere as I searched for it all over the net !

But if any one had technical info I would be very happy if you could share it .

1: How much fluid should I use in its main cartridge body ?‘ and how should I fill it ? Does it need bleeding ?

2: I don’t know how to position the IFP in the cartridge. It has two sides a hollow side and a non hollow one . Should the hollow side face the air valve ( bottom ) or vise versa ?

Where should the IFP exactly locate ? How much distance should it have from the valve end of the cartridge ?? The first photo is the IFP and im showing the hollow side .

3: Feel something is missing in the rebound controller .It has two curved slots under it with a gradient from shallow to deep. Just like the thing I saw on a Fox RLC rebound controller . In the metal disc under the knob two holes are placed which their diameter matches those slots.

The thing I think : There must have been two balls ( pellet ) with a pair of pins under them which place in the holes and push against the plastic piston . A piston that controls the rebound rod connected to it .

If so they are lost and I have to machine the pins.


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No one has any idea or info??!!
i think the problem here saber is that not many people have cracked opened specialized suspension, its def the first time ive seen it

Perhaps try contacting specialized for info? Sorry mate best i can come up with
Post this in the Specialized forum. . . Kelsty and Speci Susp Tech will be able to help.
Hmm no one found on MTBR who has cracked it up !!
So I should consider my self lucky now . Once apona time I thought my mechanical desire to rip up such things wont be satisfied in the country I live.
I started with my own stuff and blew a lot .Also it had its own cost for me . I was blowing money while the components blew!!

I don’t forget when I threw a whole set of Hayes nines in the trash only because I used the wrong fluid .I even used the right standard one ( DOT 3.) but recognizing high end quality brands which fulfill the chemical demands locally ( when you cant find any standard bike branded fluid ) needs experience and none of the experiences I know in this world are free !

And when I ruined the Teflon bushings in my RC2X then forced to sell it 350 bucks under price . ( thanks god I sold it ).

During a few years I went in every fork ‘ shock and brake . And bought experience on bike hydraulic designs and damper basics .and how to find and use parts such as O-rings ‘ X rings ‘ bearings ‘ one directional fluid pass washers and….. Also learnt how to make modifications with similar parts and machining.

Now every time a suspension or brake fails all the local pals even in other districts know me!

By the way I found the PDF on Specialized ‘ machined the lost pieces too.
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I have not cracked open the cartridges themselves (no need on a normal rebuild, and it voids the warranty), but to answer your question about adding fluid to the internals of the air side, a lot of people on the Specialized forums are simply unscrewing the valve from inside the shrader assembly and injecting fluid that way.
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