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So a new bike park is opening here, right around when I get my FS bike. I'd like to do more than the POC Trabec with elbow+knee pads I've been doing so far. Looking at getting a leatt and full face.

In looking at all the ATSM-f1952 helmets I don't mind spending money

D3 -- seems good except for having to cut away some flap to make it comfortable for some "leatt compatible"
Spesh Dissident -- Light -- even the cheap comp is about the same weight as D3/Fox Rampage Pro Carbon. Only downside is "specialized" (R) (TM) (C) (Patent Pending)
Fox Rampage Pro Carbon -- seems to be very high quality.

None of the shops near me have any in stock to try. I'd like it to be light and breathable so maybe I can pedal some in it -- but don't want to sacrifice safety...

I know there are lots of ff threads but particularly interested in how thr dissident stacks up against newer offerings like the rampage pro..
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