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Purveyors of knowledge,

This goes into the "No good deed goes unpunished camp" - I picked up a Chisel fork for a project Farley and noticed there seems to be an integrated crown race on the fork. Super cool, support all that, but now I want to be sure I have the right headset in the Farley so these two can play nice.

On the Specialized website it just denotes a 1/1/8-1/1/2 campy style headset...

I'm struggle bussing here - the google seems to have A LOT of options...

Looking for any lazer focused intel here. The Farley has an FSA something or other on it, and I just pulled the crown from the o.g. fork and put it atop the integrated crown for the time being... but I am not sure that is the best long term solution b.c. of the gap it presents under the lowers on the current headset.

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