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Hello mtbr,

I have a 2011 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29. I love this bike, but one thing I absolutely hate about it is the rear shock. It is the Fox/Specialized Brain thing that automatically locks out when you need it to, and makes pedalling real efficient. Well recently, this function has ceased to work, making this shock un-lockoutable, and it is starting to make worrying sounds as it compresses.

I can get this thing serviced, for $300. Which is way too much, I could get a new decent shock for that. The problem with that is the dimensions of this shock is 7.75x1.8, which is impossible to find. The closes I can find is 7.75x1.9.

If any of you have been, or are in this situation, what have you done? Is it possible to get a real shock on my bike? Is having a stroke 0.1 bigger than it is designed to be really going to affect my bike in any way? Any further light or knowledge is appreciated!
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