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I work part-time as event staff at a county events facility (fairgrounds with concert bowl). Depending on the type of event, oftentimes I’m bicycle based. :)

Since we don’t need them for every event, it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike).:bluefrown: Lately I’ve been thinking of putting together a semi-dedicated hardtail (rather than abusing my current ride, a Cro-Mo framed Schwinn Moab).:idea: In other words, a bike I can leave set up with lighting, rack, first aid kit, etcetera to work a Friday night concert, then take out for a ‘training’ trail ride on Saturday morning. In theory, I might even be able to partially write a “work vehicle” off of my taxes if done correctly (the first year at least). ;)

I’ve already been haunting the IPMBA site for equipment ideas. But I’m open to suggestions. Since I’m a Clydesdale (6ft, 2in and 235 pounds), it would be nice to build this on something like a Kona Hoss.:D But more realistically the base bike would be a Trek, Specialized or similar.:)

The type of surfaces that would be encountered at the venue include: gravel, loose and packed soil, blacktop/cement paving as well as level ground, wheelchair ramps and steps. So let’s call the use ‘suburban assault’ ;)

Generally, I’ll log upwards of 2 miles each hour during a shift (up to 8 hours :eek: ) and be in the saddle for about ½ of that time. Should I look for a frame like the Specialized Hardrock, or something that sits me a little more toward the rear, like a Gary Fisher Opie? Keep in mind that after any tax deduction eligibility expires, this bike would get to be used more often for fun rides in the hills.
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