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Colorado Alert: Horsetooth Mountain Park Plan

Northern Colorado's Larimer County Parks and Open Lands department presented
preliminary comments on a Horsetooth Mountain Park Management Plan on Monday
Nov. 14, 2005.

A park-user survey conducted in May and June determined that mountain bikers
comprise only 20 percent of all park users - a finding that local mountain
biker groups question.

Larimer County has suggested that bikes might be banned from Horsetooth Rock
Trail, and is considering closing other trails.

Bike advocates are urged to submitt comments. Consider including the
following information in your remarks:

- Mention your support for shared-use trails
- The trails you ride at Horsetooth Mountain Park
- The number of visits you make to Horsetooth Mountain Park per year
- If you have purchased a Larimer County annual park pass in the past, or
plan to buy one in the future

Comments on the preliminary plan must be filed by Dec 12, 2005. Go here to
make your voice heard:

The complete Draft Management Plan will be posted online on Jan. 3, 2006.
Public comment for that document will be considered until Jan. 30. The final
Management Plan will be prepared and adopted in Feb. 2006.

Additional information can be found at the following links:

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So if bikes are a minority user in terms of percentage, I don't get why it's become an issue. Not many bikes use a particular area, so let's just close it off to bikes. But areas are geting used. Can't have all bikers at one area all the time, can we? It's a local riders' issue, but also when I come down to the front range for the day, I bring a bike with me.

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There is another thread regarding this issue on the Front Range forum.

The actual data was from 1997 that stated that mtn biking was 20%. This was a point of contention due to the increased popularity of mtn biking in the last 5 years. Christ, you can’t obtain more recent data than 1997?? Go to CSU, I am sure they have a lot of user data for Larimer County parks and rec for free.... LAME !!

There was recent data dabbled into the presentation, but I was at the meeting, and I am pretty sure the 20% was from the 1997 data.

As a side note, when the graph for user % was shown, the total percentage was at about 160% ! So how do you actually get 160% ??

In their infinite wisdom, a polled person could choose more than one field. So a lot of hikers were considered multi-users by tier poll standards. As an example, you could be a hiker, a bird watcher, Flora & Fona. BUT you would only be a biker if you were mtn biking. So the numbers were skewed.

I cant believe out taxes went to EDAW for such a lousy presentation. I am doubting if Drew (the presenter) actually spent more than a couple of hours @ HTMP. I would have been fired from my job if I presented lousy data with no facts to back them up. Drew stated within the presentation that there were a lot of "assumptions" made when determining what trails should be closed and what effect mtn bikers have on the areas resources...

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I'd like Drew to show up at HTMP on a Saturday morning to see if he thinks it's 20%.

I would bet money it is more like 35-40%.

I went for a road ride last Wednesday afternoon and rode by the HTMP entrance. Stopped at the john, then I counted something like 12 cars with roof racks, 5 trucks, and 13 vehicles no racks. Now I know some of the cars w/ racks could be hikers...but I bet it was closer to a 40-60% split.
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