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SPD upgrade

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Hi having now got my new bike. Well actually I've had it a few months but I have only just got round to thinking about the upgrade. I have a 2010 epic comp carbon and I am running the spds from my old bike which are actually about 4 years old. I want to upgrade them. Can anyone tell me the difference between what I would call a standard spd and an eggbeater. Also what would be a good upgrade got about £100.00 to spend. Thanks.
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Eggbeaters have a different cleat than SPD. Its a 2 sided cleat that you can set for for easy disengagements or flipped around, it offers more positive engagements onto the pedal. Meaning you have to turn your foot at more of an angle to disengage from the pedal.

I like both SPD and Crank Bros. (Eggbeater). I switched to Eggbeaters about 3 years ago and I have never looked back.

Using SPD, you have a more stable feel since your shoe is making contact with the pedal in front of and behind the cleat.

With Eggbeaters, you will have more of a floating sensation since only your cleat is making contact with the pedal. It's a strange sensation at first. But I feel "lighter" in my pedal strokes and I like that since climbing steep terrain is a big part of my routine.

You can use Crank Bros. Candy pedals if you like the contact feel like you get with SPD (Shimano) pedals but you may as well stick with SPD pedals in that case.

Many people talk down on Crank Bros. products but I have never had any trouble with their stuff, myself.

I guess it all boils down to this...if you are XC racing, climbing alot or more into rolling, not-super technical riding, Eggbeaters are an option. If you are into technical trail riding, downhilling, abussive riding, jumping...stick with the SPDs.

You can get a pair of Eggbeater SL pedals for under $100 USD.
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