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Spawn Yama Jama, Spawn Yoji 16 and Tires

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Hi all,

My son is due to replace his tires on his 20-inch spawn yama jama and Yojo 16 for his younger brother.

Just wondering what tires everyone is using on either of these bikes? Id be keen to get a Maxxis 20 inch tire onto the Yama Jama if they work?

Thanks in advance!
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Have Kenda small block 8’s on my granddaughters Prevelo Alpha 2.
They are light weight and roll good. They get decent traction on hard pack dirt.

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We currently run Vee Crown Gem 16x2.25 and 24x2.6 on our kids two bikes. Our oldest used to be on a 20" bike with Kenda Small Block 8s. I think the Vee is a better tire for trail riding. The Kenda is probably a better choice if you spend as much time on paving as you do dirt/trails.
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