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I've been upgrading a few parts on my Spark RC and have never been happy with the Ritchey seat mast topper - it creaked & my saddle would move.Then I weighed the boat anchor =131 grams, thats more than the entire seatpost on my Ibis.Replaced it with the Tune seat topper 38.3mm version, 73 grams. This is a very well crafted part, fits like a glove, looks great, Tune even went to the trouble of running finer thread Ti M6 bolts for the upper yokes for a more solid connection.You could get the Tune topper to 68 grams by running POP or KCNC upper yokes ( you would need the standard thread Ti M6 bolts for these). A Smud carbon lower craddle would probably knock off a few more grams below
68.If Ritchey is going to put the World Cup designation name & rainbow colors on a part it should at least be half decent - not like this junk. This is department store bicycle marketing at best.:nono:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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