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got some stuff, since I post here mostly, thought I would let you folks know what is going out the door.

Here is the ad. MTBR classy ad

There are some XTR shifters (965's), xt calipers, cheap cross wheels, easton carbon bar and thomson stem. I probably have other stuff that will go up, but that is some stuff taht was originally going to go on the dean, but I changed my mind on the build at the last minute. I wanted to separate brakes and shifters so I could make it into a single speed more easily. I had Hopes before and liked them, so I went for them again instead of the more spendy Marta SL's. I also went for a Bontrager xxx oversize carbon bar and oversize Thomson stem.


P.S. I would consider trade for a disc ss rear hub or a ss specific crankset. both preferable new or at least in great condition.
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