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Yeah, that's a peach, for sure. I only wish it had the fork. With the prices those forks just started fetching, that's going to be a killer. If anyone's selling a fork, now's the time to list it!

In other semi-related news (Just sent to me by an ex co-worker...):

"...Well, it looks like Klein is on its last leg this year. Word is we're finally putting it out of its misery after 10 years of steady decline. [These guys] just can't figure out why they're not selling. It's ridiculous. Maybe it has because when you take something unique that's handmade by perfectionists, and you kick them all out, take all the uniqueness out of the product, and have the new thing made by laborers who weren't fit to be farm-hands, people eventually realize you're selling them shitcakes under a strudel banner. People don't want this. They wanted that. Of course, the people speak with their dollar..."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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