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Please note: local pickup in UT or you arrange to ship. I will not pack/ship this bike.

I don't ride this anymore for a variety of reasons. I built it as a project to make sure all my equipment was up and running correctly after relocating my shop to UT, and because I always thought it would be cool to have a cargo bike.

It will fit anyone from about 5'2" to 6'4" - there's a *massive* amount of standover and adjustability for the saddle and handlebar positions.

Build kit is Shimano Deore 2x9 with a Waltworks fork and Rhynolite wheels. Tires are pretty new (maybe 100 miles on them) and the powdercoat is in great shape. Brakes are BB7s (with big rotors) which I've found to have more than adequate stopping power even when heavily loaded.

The bike has a number of quirks:

-The cargo platform was designed to carry 2 bike boxes (my primary use for it). It's not long enough to comfortably fit bigger kids, so if hauling 4 or 5 year olds around is the goal, this isn't the bike for you. If you want to haul smaller kids, you'll have to build an appropriate box/seat.

-As with many 'fiets, it rides pretty oddly when unloaded because of the lack of weight on the front wheel. I've installed a Cane Creek viscoset to prevent speed wobble, but it's still not well suited to bombing mountain passes. This bike is intended for riding around the neighborhood/town and getting groceries or what have you - at moderate speeds. If you want to pretend you're racing a crit, you'll crash.

-There is a mounting plate between the chainstays for a Wald roll-back kickstand but I don't have one installed right now. Long or unbalanced loads can be a handful to deal with.

-It would be easy to add an electric assist to this bike in any number of ways, but there are no water bottle bosses inside the front end (ie, mounting a battery might be a pain).

-Bottom bracket is quite low for stability, which also means that pedaling through corners isn't recommended. You will pedal strike for sure if you're pretending to be a crit racer.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.

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