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Spa City 6 hour Ultra Endurance Race

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I'm thinking about driving down to Arkansas with my Wife for this race. The website doesn't have too much detail and my e-mails haven't been answered. Has anyone done this race before and can comment on the course, amount of climbing, tire recommendation, etc. I plan on doing this solo so I also wanted to know if I can just drop off tool box and some water bottles in a pit or something to do this self supported.

Thanks in advance
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I did it last year, and I plan on going again this year. It's a fine race to do self-supported (course makes a nice run through the pit area). The course is relatively "easy"- there are only a couple of short climbs, and I don't remember anything very technical. I'm not good for tire advice because I tend to run the same thing everywhere.
Spa City is an excellent race, easy to do self supported. The course is right at 10 miles long with 800' of climbing per lap, for some reason they have taken out the technical sections, so now it's just a fun fast flowing course Any decent XC tire will do, the trail is fairly rocky and I did cut a tire there a couple of years ago so I would stay away from any really lightweight tires. The trail drains great after a rain so you don't need to worry about mud
Have fun, I'm looking forward to it
Here's a link to two laps of the trail:
Thanks for the info guys! Looks like a great race to do while my Wife has a spa day in Hot Springs. I'm running Kenda Slant 6 tires, 1x10 gearing 36 x 12-34 sounds like that should be good.
Come on over. Ditto to everything Santacruzer said. Definitely a fun trail with switchbacks in some of the climbs and plenty of area for self-supportive staging. It is actually within a park with a pump track, playground, pavilion, park benches, tree house, functioning brick and mortar restrooms and portajohns. They usually have a fire and food. The event is just up the road from Hot Springs, so it makes for a nice weekend getaway. We're coming from West TN and were looking forward to the climbs and disturbing the competition. Great rewards from times past and usually a good turnout. Two years ago there was snow around and never got above 32 but the trail was moslty clear and also a good turnout of racers. If you can get there early enough Friday, you can preride the course. Your gearing will work fine. I'll be running a 1x9, 34x11/34.
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