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southeastern wisconsin

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I live right on the border of wisconsin and lake county il. are there any good trails around here from lake geneva to kenosha. thanks

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There's also Muir near La Grange, WI (sorry if you already know). But it's surely a bit outside of your requested area...about an hour from Lake Count, IL.

PETS is about the only thing.
were is that at. I dont mind driving a little farther north but i am more interested in stuff within an hour of my house. i live in fox lake so its about 30min to lake geneva.
Here's a map to Muir.,0.278435&g=fox+lake,+il&ie=UTF8&z=10

It's about two miles north on hwy H from La Grange, WI.

There's really two trail systems, John Muir and Emma Carlin, in the area that are joined by "the connector trail". WELL worth the few extra miles, in my opinion :)

PETS is between Kenosha and Racine.

Kettle is great, and inside of your travel window.

You probably already know what's down there in Ill-Noise, but if you don't, you can get an ear full at

You can also go to Crystal Ridge in Franklin, although it is a little more than an hour from your place i think. it is about 30 minutes north of PETS park

how do i get to this spot. looks like fun
have you tried to google the location that is in the title of the video? Its the same place that's posted above, referred to as PETS.
If you head towards Milwaukee on I-94 you will get off on HWY E in Kenosha. From there you will head east toward the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Follow HWY E all the way until you get to HWY 31 (about 4.5 miles) and then go north on HWY 31. Take HWY 31 up to HWY JR (less than a mile on the right side, right after the cross-country course) Follow the JR until you come up on PETS park on your left and park in the first parking lot on your left. Trail starts right by the bridge that goes over the river. Enjoy, it is a really great place to ride.
Thanks chris thats the info i was looking for. Ive noticed a lot of the trails around here you have to know exactly what your looking for. ive googled a few places gone and had no clue were to start. not a lot of markings and what not. Thats why I asked were the spot was.
I'll bet you a six pack of your favorite beer that you'll get there and (still) not have a clue even with chrisocoss's excellent directions. It's not one of those places, where its easy to figure out. Also....(IMHO) not a 'Great' place to ride, like it has been described by chrisocoss (no offense - just my opinion). I'd describe it as moderately adequate. If it was in my back yard, I'd ride the sh*t out of it, but as it is, I seldom ride there, even though it's not very far out of the way, from where I work. That's not to say that I don't appreciate the work that's been done out there by some of our own forum members. The video you posted makes it look way more fun than I've ever had out there.

All that being said.....your mileage may vary.
I figure it will be one of those places you need to figure out for yourself. Ill try it out its not to far from work. But i guess if im going to make the drive kettle would probably be better
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