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South Yuba River Trail, an IMBA Epic

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Yesterday, a local group called FATRAC (Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition) put on a ride on the awesome South Yuba River trail. We rode part of this IMBA Epic by riding the Rim trail and the South Yuba River. There were six of us, two on single speeds and the rest of us wimps on geared bikes. It was a little warm, but we made do by riding through the pine trees for shade and swimming the beautiful and ultra clear South Yuba River.

How about some pics then?

Here's our group:

The ride from the day use area starts with a nice three mile or so fire road climb:

Here we are on the Rim trail:

Overlook from the Rim trail:

Taking a break in the town of North Bloomfield (originally named Humbug according to Wikipedia!)

Coming down Missouri Bar trail:

At the swimming hole:

The river:

A little blood caused by a low hanging branch:

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A little blood , wow looks like it could have been serious !

Love the pictures :D


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Nice---that is such a great ride that never disappoints!!
Good riding with you Matt.....Nice meeting you all...Joe,Rich,Lance,Matt and a special thanks to Paulie from Fatrac who led the ride! I made it back to the coast by 9:00 PM and the natural air conditioning was hanging over the coastline and there was a nice cool breeze to cool me down after a very warm day! Think I will leave the blood stains on my top tube.....:eekster:
Nice shots. That swimming spot is an excellent break spot. I need to get my sorry self up there again.
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