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In another thread there was some news about this 'off-limits' Essex county gem that was very heartening (I remember riding it before it was closed...and yes, after as well).

If i got the story correctly -IMBA/Jorba organized a number of trail work days 1. refurbishing older trails and 2. constructing a 3/4 mile new singletrack for bikes-and in return, the regional?county park head was going to open south mountain up to bikes..sometime in December (do I have all that right??). So what's the progress??

I haven't lived in Jersey for quite some time, but I rode there last weekend (Allaire-which was tons of fun-and some other places)-I still come down from time to time and always keep a keen eye out for jersey biking news.

Seems like the bike volunteers put in some serious time and effort on South Mountain-I the powers that be step up with the access.

Have a happy 2009.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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