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[dB]Will said:
so whats the deal? other than Markham n Oleta, where the trails at? anything good up in WPB or out west??
For the south:
Amelia Earheart (sp?)

A little further north:
Dyer Park
Jonathon Dickenson State Park
Fort Pierce Trail

West Coast:
Balm Boyette
Carter Rd

Curb Jumper
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cool man thanks! Im from Lauderdale and am lookin for, like, any local jumps and whatnot. dont really have a liking for Hialeah, so Amelia is out. QW is down. jus tryin to find something local that i can screw around on when I can get to the parks.

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if you don't mind the trip up to ocala...santo's trail head is sweet. they have dirt jumps and drops out there. they do a real good job at keeping it up. they also have a lot of good trails. i have a few pictures from my fiance and my trips there on my profile. we are actually heading out there next weekend. there's a campsite right by the trail head. can't beat it!
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