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Source for Spesh/DTswiss REAR RWS for my 09 SJ Comp 29?

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Hey all,

I have a 2009 Stumpjumper Comp 29er, with some mild upgrades.

My bike came equipped with a FRONT DT-Swiss RWS, in red.
In the back, average Shimano quick release.

The Stumpjumper 29er Marathon and the Stumpjumper 29er FSR's both came with a DT-Swiss Front and Rear RWS, both in red.

I can't seem to find the specific source for a matching red rear RWS to replace the rear Shimano quick release in the back.

Searched the usual vendors, all available in black.

Any suggestions?

Appreciate it.
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Thanks for the idea, those skewers look incredible. Nice and simple as hell.

Unfortunately I occasionally take my bike to bars in the neighborhood here in Austin. its safe enough (with Kryptos nicest U-lock, and locking inside the patio where I'm drinking) but I still take off my front wheel and lock it up just in case.
they come with a little wrench that weighs very little that I've stored in my wallet before. Not a huge pain to carry around, but a QR is much more convenient.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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