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The trip started a bit ominous. A sprinklin up top

... that led to a short, cold ride in the AM above the town of Exit. Awesome tree

I was lookin for bright trees, but that wasn't it. So I wondered

Almost there, I can feel it

Perfect place for a little Point to Point with net loss of elevation type ride. (P2PwNEL)

The views continued to suck. did I :D

Whachoo lookin at, ese?

Let the fun begin...

Flowus Interuptus

Flowus Reternus

the Golden Brick Road?

Land of Oz

I wished to stay and sample another route before winters grasp takes hold, but alas, a voice was calling me to head west

And so I did (note, not on I -70)

I found the trees to have more colors out there

Upon closer inspection, they were even more incredible

Quite possibly the most grand stand of 'spens I have seen

That night, a strong front moved through, my tent was nearly blown away... and camp was covered in a light layer of white precip (not quite snow, maybe grauple, maybe sleet)

It was hard to get up, but I made the morning enjoyable. :cool:

I took a quick stroll out along the Rim. mmmm mmm good rimjob

In my travel from the rim, I came upon some colorful 'spens overtaking an old lava flow.

Could this place get any cooler? Hellz yeah, woke up at 7AM to 18 degrees.
Nothin like campin when your cooler becomes your warmer

It was 23 degrees with light snow when I departed from Brian and his Head

the trail was bumpy and muddy, me likes

but Dark Hollow had a lighter side

Awash in a sea of golden leaves

Word, holmes

Good ride, but I'm outta beer. Ugh, fuggin Utah

First ingredient, squat. My Bud Light has more hops. Lesson learned (again)
on another note, 2 year old graham crackers make hella good kindling.

Time for another stroll. I was disappointed in the first half, but the ride opened up in a Red Canyon.

Me likes

Smells Fruity

and flowy

a fun canyon descent

A good ride, time to make it back home. But first a quick stop in Palidise

More snow on the way home, and F-in Loveland is open for the ski season. Sweet!

friend of Apex
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kosayno said:
Yeah, but you know, wife, kids, reality, sometimes that stuff gets in the way of living the dream.
Bring 'em along. (exept for reality).

I mean, who do you think picked me up at the bottom of the hill ? :D

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WKD-RDR said:
Bring 'em along. (exept for reality).

I mean, who do you think picked me up at the bottom of the hill ? :D
She is a good woman! Mine has volunteered that duty many times when we're on a road trip, but my guilty conscience has gotten the better of me. Well, except maybe that one one time on Porcupine Rim and Wasatch Crest in SLC.
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