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I’m a long time lurker, and this is the result. I want to thank Rey and Bikesport Houston, the guys at soulcraft and the forum for all the information. It rides great; although I don’t have much to compare it to since I have never had a bike that really fits me. I need to dial in the handlebars, but so far I am taking more aggressive lines with ease.


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"Holy headtube Batman" You must be huge.

Congrats on a bike that fits!
Nice bike. What bars are those? And are they 28" (710mm) wide? I am looking for wider bars. I dig that color, kinda different. Any toe overlap issues? Looks close.

They are Bontrager King Earl, and yes they are 710mm. No toe overlap issues at all.
....nice crab! ...oh, nice bike too, I'll keep an eye out for ya at Memorial park.
Sweet bike...I have a couple questions.

1. Is the fork offset or is that just an illusion in the pic? It looks like the wheel dish is way off, but the tire sits in the correct position....almost looks like a pugs type offset fork in that picture...must be a strange angle of the photo.

2. Sweet hubs...Are you running fun bolts to increase stiffness?

I like your choice of colors/understatement. Hope you enjoy it often!
love the bike! and I too dig the bars...thanks for noting the make/model. they are sweet
There is no fork offset; the bike I leaning and the handlebars are slightly turned. I am running fun bolts because that’s what the hubs came with and getting the inserts for a skewer has not been high on the list of priorities.
Very nice ride! Always been a fan of Soul Craft.
Impressive. Sweet ride.

What color is that, Concrete Grey?
Yea, they wanted me to be able to ride it while we wait on the proper size bracket for the front caliper. Although, I kinda growing fond on the look of the small rotor?
you know what they say about guys with big bikes

yeah. i don't either. long legs i guess.

nice bike.
TexM3 said:
Although, I kinda growing fond on the look of the small rotor?
I'd go with the smaller rotor on the back too as opposed to another larger one. But then, I use canti brakes :D

Nice build. I got to visit the Soulcraft shop earlier this year when a friend was getting fitted for a frame. Great guys.
Great looking bike TexM3!
Rey will never steer you wrong, he knows what's good.

See you on the trails!
I think the picture was resized somehow and shrunk horizontally throwing off what it really looks like.

Sweet ride though...
Sweet Bike! That is one powerful brake setup with an M4 front and rear. How do you like the braking? I have been running M4 front and Mono Mini's rear and like the modulation of a slightly less powerful brake out back.

Great color, great bike, congratulations!
It’s my first experience with hydrologic disc, so do don’t have anything really compare it to. It’s most likely overkill for the terrain that I ride; if I did over again I probably put mini’s on the rear. However, I do like the one finger braking power on the rear.
another soulman in texas, which is great. . you are going to love the bike like the fat kid loves cake. sean is a top notch guy to deal with.
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