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So I am thinking of picking up a hardtail on Friday, (Trek 6000) and I have been sorting through the specs/stats/opinions/facts/flukes and what not.:madman:

The bike I am looking at getting has the Rock Shox Dart 3 on the front. I don't know anything about the fork and where it stands amongst the other lines in the Rock Shox foray. Any info would be help as I have searched and haven't really found any valuable info.

This is my first post and look forward to the knowledge I can get in here. I'm pretty dang excited to pick up my bike on Friday and hit the trails this weekend.

Oh...uses are for XC, cruising around town (to save gas), and a little all mountain riding. I live next to a ski resort that has some great trails. Mainly it's a bike to get into and then when I can afford it I'll upgrade to a FS.
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