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Sorta OT: Are you working on July 3rd?

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I am, but only at my partttime job (REI). Hopefully earlier that day I'm mountain biking somewhere.
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Working on clearing all the climbs at Lake Leatherwood in AR.
Heck NO..

BelaySlave said:
I am, but only at my partttime job (REI). Hopefully earlier that day I'm mountain biking somewhere.
Taken the week OFF..
Ha! Yeah Right. I'll be working on what rock I'll be climbing and what trail to ride. Good thing the rivers are dried up or I would be confused as hell. Mmmmmmmm..... kayaking. DANG. Cleaning climbs at Lake where? Adult AHDH aint so bad . Ha. C-Ya.
Not working july 3rd :D

I drive friday june 30th from Boulder, CO for 3 weeks vacation in Squamish and Whistler. Psyched!
Nope, will be starting ~3wks of XC, DH, road bike, and backpacking in Colorado. Woo Hoo!
No. Canoeing down the Willamette. :thumbsup:
All day

and probably haf-day on the 4th.

Send your complaints to my boss please.
Both the 3rd and 4th, retail is as retail does. Luckily, I start at 3:30 AM so I'm usually done by 11:30.
I'm lookin forward to a 4 day weekend with no work monday or tues :D
BelaySlave said:
Are you working on July 3rd?
I plan to be working on draining a few brews while planning the many ways to enjoy the impeccable views in Park City.... vaca starts Friday.

:D :D :D
what the hell is so special about july 3rd???
Nothing is special about it unless you have the day off. Unfortunatley, i'm working.
i'm just wondering why you'd start a thread with so seemingly random a topic. so, what are you guys doing on september 24th?
Dude, September 24th is totally booked.

9:00 am: wake up
9:07 am: take shower
9:22 am: first cup of coffee
9:23 am: second cup of coffee
9:27 am: scratch ass
9:30 am: explosive diahrrea (probably from coffee)
9:35 am: third cup of coffee
9:57 am: load bike on rack, load camelbak
10:13 am: drive off to soquel demo
11:00 am: arrive on time, heaven rejoices
12:22 pm: begin second loop
1:45 pm: finish ride
1:46 pm: crack cold beer
1:48 pm: crack 2nd beer
3:12 pm: finally make it home
3:15 pm: jump in pool
7:30 pm: get out of pool
7:45 pm: take shower
8:12 pm: crash in front of tv
11:42 pm: get up from couch and go to bed.

Don't you have plans yet???
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I'm booked on the 24th also... my other O.T. passion...:thumbsup:

TrekFan- please tell me your kidding about questioning this post:skep:
All I have to do is drop in the office for about 10 hours. After that, the rest of the day is mine!
I'll probably be working on relieving my hangover, poolside with a fresh cocktail.
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