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Sort of OT: Commuter Bike

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I am looking at a Cannondale Bad Boy, Trek Soho, and Scott Sub10. It will be for commuting a few miles on suburban streets in the Bay Area. They are all similar in purpose but somewhat different in specs. I have been riding my Hammerhead and want to go thin tires and no suspension but keep the HH for off road on nights and weekends. Switching wheels or tires every few days would be too much of a pain. Any recommendations?
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Try them all out and go with what fits best. When I was trying out commuters I really liked the Bad Boy but ended up putting skinny tires on a GF Utopia since the geometry agreed with me better. I have a 50min commute so comfort was a priority. You can always change out compnents if you dont like something.

I really like the idea of the coffee holder on the soho but my lbs didnt have any in my size to try...
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