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fisher/treks don't seem to be well recomended for us clyd sized riders... I passed on a great deal on one of their 29ers because of what I've seen as far as broken frames on here... although I will say i've always read real good things about their warranty department... but I don't want to deal with that unless I realy have to...

I don't know your budget is but if you can spend a bit more you get A LOT more bike...
few bikes you might want to look into (that have very beefy frames) are the kona hoss and specialized bikes... specificly the rockhopper line

you might also want to check out some 29ers... I roll a redline d440 (last years msrp is what they want for the wahoo)... steel frame (good for clyd)... it's heavy but it hasn't had a single problem out on the trail... also is rigid which to me was a good thing @ that price point... you get flimsy forks that don't stand up to our weight when you're talking about this price range... honestly the only upgrade I realy want is disc brakes... and that would varry on where and how you ride...

29er also has the advantage of being able to use road tires on it

hope you find what you're looking for man...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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