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After my last few rides I have sore hips. I was hoping that someone might be able to link me to some good stretches or some personal experiences they have had to combat sore hips after a few hard rides.


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Do these six stretches.
Do them for 30 seconds on each side
Do them twice
Do them as soon as you can after you ride.

Hip flexors (you don't need to hold onto a wall). If you experience knee pain from the pressure concentrate on pushing down with the top of your foot on the stretching leg into the ground.


Hamstrings I touch my toes. I think these videos were made for people with balance/mobility issues.




It is important to stretch after you exercise because it relaxes the muscles and increases circulation. Only stretch before a ride if something is extremely tight. And then only do a light stretch or you could risk straining the muscle when you exert it.

Before you ride (actually first thing in the morning) you should do joint mobility to warm up and prevent injury.

Some of you may think this is overkill- but you've only got one body and spending 10 minutes on recover exercises every day will make it way stronger and healthier.
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