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SORBA-Chattanooga has been working overtime to open up new trail opportunities in the greater Chattanooga-area. While we are waiting on the environmental survey to be complete on Raccoon Mtn so we can start with the current trail expansion, we have signed an agreement for an entirely new trail system in east Chattanooga. Here are the details:

Chattanooga SORBA has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hamilton County and the City of Chattanooga to build mountain bike/hiking trails at Enterprise South Nature Park. Enterprise South is a 2300 acre urban passive nature park located adjacent to Interstate I-75 on the east side of Chattanooga. The site of the former Army Volunteer ammunition depot, Enterprise South has numerous concrete bunkers, hills, open woodlands and tight pine plantations. All these features will make for some excellent trails for all levels.

Plans call for an initial 10 miles of trail and a skills area. Phase two will add another 10 to 15 miles of trail. Volunteers have already spent over 70 hours laying out the first 3 mile section and it’s now ready for construction. Plans are to have 5-6 miles complete and ready for summer riding. Hamilton County has built trailhead restrooms and parking and has plans for two other trailhead parking areas.

The MOU has forged many positives with the County. SORBA Chattanooga will provide it’s trail building expertise and volunteer labor. The County, in return, will provide materials, machinery, signs and trailhead facilities. IMBA has been an excellent partner on the project through offering site visits, fund raising ideas and technical help with the County MOU.

Don't you wish you lived in Chattanooga? So do we, we could use a few more trail volunteers. :thumbup:
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