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Weird huh?
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Seems like as good of a place as any to post this.

Demo Forest Alert (que blaring klaxon horn sound ahhhoooogaaaah...)

Kind'uva public service announcement. For all of you that like to ride up advised. We've gotten way too much rain the last few weeks. Today, we're getting heavy rain, (wrath of God stuff).
For y'all considering a ride in the next week or so....might want to consider something a little less prone to muddy weather trail erosion. Some of the approaches are getting beat to hell by cyclist using trails that are for all intents and purposes...washed out right now. Braille Trail has 4 or 5 sections that are getting badly rutted and trashed. The ground is just stupid wet right now. If you really need to come out here and ride....I'd suggest Hihn Mill Road...(the main 'climb out' fire road from Braille, Tractor, Sawpit etc) or the other side of the creek at Niscene....and do the Aptos Creek fire road till yer sick of riding. Nothing too technical I know, but both are wide fire roads that aren't gonna get too damaged from wet weather riding.
Be careful up here, and remember....when going down hill with tires that are rotating circles of muddy glop, on a trail that's oozing....and brake pads that are mudded up and over.......yer goin' down !!

Cmdr 'Self appointed SDF trail wizard because I live here' Piffle
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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