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Was out at Sope yesterday and just like Blankets, Big Creek, Chicopee and others, it is suffering from freeze / thaw. The Ridgleline is dry (thanks to our efforts last Fall) but the trails on sloped terrain are in various stages of muddy, based on how much sun hits that slope.

Just because the NPS does not close these trails for muddy or freeze/ thaw conditions doesn't mean we should not respect the trail system. Please remember that when you get upset because Blankets or Big Creek are closed -- you'll do the same damage at any trail system right now, whether it's 'open' or 'closed.'

Based on continuing complaints about bikers poaching trails and night-riding at Sope, it's in OUR best interest to be mindful of the damage we can cause to a trail system when it's muddy.

Spread the word.

Thank you!
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