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I have been tackling this fresh cut trail for about 2 months now trying to get over the top without surrendering a foot to the trail. I am not close enough yet but it seems do-able. I am just looking for others experiences with this trail. I am getting stuck at 3 spots. The second switchback that was recently re-enforced with stone in the first corner. I just spin out on the second corner and lose drive. I just think that one is going to need a bit of luck on my part and it will become easier as the trail sees weather and wear. Same with the last switchback before the climbing ends. I just lose drive in the sandy first corner. Anyone else successful? tires? tips? The last place I dab is the long steep climb between the switchbacks just talked about but thats just me running out of energy. I have cleared it but I just am exhausted and need to stop and catch my breath for a minute or 2. Anyone else clearing this trail yet? I tackle it running my 22x30 gearing. I could go one lower but I am going to go to a 2x10 setup and will lose the ultra granny gear so I better get used to it! :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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