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. . . there is a trail that wants to surround me with leaves rustling in the wind. It has places to lead me with it's enticing line of serpentine singletrack. There are four legged creatures on it now, enjoying it as I long to. The sun, showering it's blessing over every inch of flora and every mile of that fine mineral line.

It waits for me. It calls out to me, but I can not come for I am here. Here, bound within white walls and held down by 60 cycle flourescent lights. It is patient though. It will wait, and be there as eager as ever to welcome the caress of my tires. It taunts now, as I catch glimpses of sunlit tree limbs yielding to gentle breezes.

"I'm coming" I reply, through a longful stare out the window.

It's far to nice to be working today! Just a little bit longer. . .
Have a good weekend everyone.

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