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Something broke on my new Giant Yukon FX - Covered by warranty?

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I got a Giant Yukon FX a few weeks ago and today was on a trail in the woods which had many trees fallen over and big rocks so I often had to get off and walk over them with the bike. At some point, I believe when I was walking next to the bike, the rear derailleur got bent and was hitting the wheel spokes, I managed to unbend it enough for the chain to go along the rear cassette again so I could ride back home but now the derailleur hanger and likely derailleur itself are bent.

I have no idea how a bike warranty works as this is my first "real" bike, so is this sort of thing covered by the warranty or not? If not how much is it likely to cost? I'm already broke after buying that bike.

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If it's just the hanger, which seems more likely, it probably won't be much more than $10-$20 US to straighten it.
Thanks, so are you saying this is not covered by the warranty?

Also the derailleur hanger on this bike seems like a seperate part, would it not make more sense to get a new hanger than unbend it?
no, not covered by the warrany since it is not a manufacturers defect of any kind but instead damage sustained during normal use. And yes, you can just replace the derailleur hanger, but if your lbs does not have it in stock you could just bend it back as well as you can until they can get it in.
I just checked and the derailleur gears are completely at the wrong angle yet the hanger barely seems bent, it really looks like most of the damage is on the derailleur. How much does that cost?

So the warranty only covers manufacturer defects? So the lifetime frame warranty wouldn't apply if the frame broke after taking a jump or am I missing something?

most warranties only cover the frame really, and even then it's only against manufacturer's defects under normal use. if you crash your bike hard into a rock and the frame cracks that's on you. if you're riding a trail normally and bust a weld then it's a warranty claim. jumping an xc bike (at a jump park or on a dh run, not over normal trail jumps) and break it then it's really your fault but if they can't prove it then I guess you could get away with a warranty claim.

the damage you have is not covered though. if it's a hanger, get a new one. if it's a derailleur then see if it can be fixed, if not then you may need a new one of those. depending on what you have it shouldn't be too expensive to replace with the same model. anything sub xtr/x-0 level should be well under $100.
They told me the derailleurs have a 1 year warranty I think, unless it was 90 days, is it still not covered? It is a SRAM SX4
OK here's the deal...

almost all bikes come with a replaceable rear dérailleur hanger, so when you hit a rock, it bends, sacrificing itself so the dérailleur itself isn't damaged. You need to replace the replaceable part.
here's a site, or your LBS.
If you damaged the SRAM dérailleur also, then you need to replace that.

Warranty: for manufacturer's defects. Hitting a rock isn't mfrs defect. It's your fault, even if an accident. Like your car, the warranty covers parts that may fail, not repairs when you hit a light pole or rock wall.

ch2s said:
At some point, I believe when I was walking next to the bike, the rear derailleur got bent and was hitting the wheel spokes,
Hah. This is the first time I've ever heard the "Just WALKING along" excuse. :p
go to the lbs where you bought the bike and ask them- even if it's not covered under warranty (which is probably isn't), your lbs may even be able to bend the derailleur or hanger back into shape- or worst case, replace it with something else in the shop- maybe even at a discounted or at no charge.

this kinda stuff happens- it will keep on happening, too- maybe just not happen when walking though :D
This post brings up a very important issue, the severe abuse bikes can take while walking.
You may have bent the derailleur cage rather then the hanger. If the hanger appears to be straight, then the der. cage is at fault. You may be able to bend it back, you may not.

A new Deore derailleur costs ~$20, similarly a new derailleur hanger costs about $20 as well. But from what you said, sounds like the cage is just bent.
I just brought my bike in today. Upon closer inspection by the guy at the LBS there were metal parts that snapped off the derailleur completely. A new SRAM SX4 derailleur like I had would have been $30 but I opted to replace it with the S5 for $60, was that a good choice?

Don't give up on a warranty claim yet. I would contact SRAM directly. A friend of mine crashed his bike and the plastic gear selection cover broke off one of his X5 shifter pods. The shifter still worked fine, but it was missing the clear plastic cover. He called SRAM directly and they sent a brand new shifter to the LBS for free replacement.
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