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I have been a devoted Rock Shox customer and haven't paid much attention to Fox forks. I am thinking about replacing a creaking 2000 SID SL (basically the SID Race of its day). What is the equivalent Fox Forx (with 80mm of travel)? What is the hierarchy of the forks in Fox's XC line?

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Here's what I know:

Float: air sprung, fully active, 100mm travel (possibly an 80mm version as well?), R, RL, and RLC models

Terralogic: air sprung, inertia valve, 80 and 100mm travel models, R only (no lockout or compression adjustments offered)

Vanilla: coil sprung, fully active, 100 or 125mm travel (depending on the spacers in the spring side leg), R, RL, and RLC models

Not sure if they still do the F80RLT: air sprung, 80mm travel, R, L, and T(hreshold on the lockout) adjustments, slightly lighter weight than the Floats

All of their forks offer R(ebound adjustment)
You can also pay more to get L(ockout) and even more for C(ompression adjustment)

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Mind you that the "TerraLogic" model is the high-end of fox. It doesn't have any lock-out because you won't need one! The internals are designed to work exactly the same way as the "brain" shock on the Specialized Epic, it will lock-out at most of the time, but when you hit any bumps on the trail, it will automatically shut off the lock and you have the plushest fork on your front.

Go for the F80X, you just can't go wrong...

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Try that URL out. Everything you could want to know.

They have four lines of forks. FLOAT, TALAS, TERRALOGIC, VANILLA

The TALAS and the VANILLA pages only show a 125mm model (both travel adjustable, though), but the FLOAT and the TERRALOGIC both have an 80mm model.

Also to kind of restate what will8250 said:

FLOAT - air sprung, fully active
TALAS - air sprung (w/ on-the-fly travel adjustment), fully active
TERRALOGIC - air sprung, inertia valving
VANILLA - coil sprung, fully active
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