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I've only been MTBing for a while and I enjoy reading the forums, but I sometimes get lost on the terms used around here.... just some off the cuff examples... but I suppose I could think of a lot more.... can somebody please explain in layman language what all these mean??

rail a berm (rail = nail, berm??)
technical descent / climb / corner (just wat exactly qualifies as "technical"??)
tuck the front end?
technical vs. non-technical trail???
flickable = easy to throw around, manuverable, nimble??
pedal kick back??
brake jacking?

I'm sure there are loads more... but lets start with these first...


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rail a berm
Berm: a dirt bank on the outside of a turn. It prevents you from sliding, so you can go much faster.
Rail: you go around that turn like on rails.

One definition: Trail features like rocks, roots, steeps, drops, etc. make the trail demanding enough that your speed is not determined by how hard you can pedal, but by how you cope with the obstacles. This is obviously subjective.

Pretty technical, possibly with some danger thrown in.

You go down something steep and then it levels out suddenly. The G forces push you towards the ground, compressing the suspension... or you might even collapse onto the bike.

Very tight turn, usually going up or down a hill that is too step to do without zig-zagging.

tuck the front end

technical vs. non-technical trail
See technical above. On non technical trails you don't have a lot of obstacles that slow you down or otherwise demand much attention.

flickable = easy to throw around, manuverable, nimble
Roughly yes.

pedal kick back
Rear suspension action is felt through chain-cranks-pedals.

brake jacking
Using the brakes makes rear suspension rise.
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