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Some weight-weenie parts for sale.

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Specialties TA chainrings, Noleen MegaAir fork, Formula B4SL magnesium brakeset, Giant XTC Composite frame, Eclipse rimstrips, Stan's rotor, Maxm VFC seatpost, etc. Items are selling fast. Also, I'll be adding more items over the next few days, so please check back. A few ads just expired, so I'll relist them tonite.

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The frame is up now...

The Giant XTC composite frame ad is posted now. The Noleen fork sold immediately, but I do have another I'll be putting up for sale soon along with the B4SL magnesium brakeset. The Extralite headset (Freehead, 1/2 brand new) is going cheap.
Updated shipping options & costs.

I realized I could ship the chainrings for less with USPS First Class mail & also corrected the shipping weights.

For those interested, sorry about not getting the B4SL brakes or Noleen fork ads up yet... hopefully tonite or tomorrow

Ho ho ho!
That's a pretty old post. I've sold pretty much all that stuff, including the Freehead. I'll be selling a bunch of stuff again in about a month though, including Titus RX frame, Extralite stem, Formula B4 brakesets, etc.
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