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Some VT riding pictures from today

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VT Mike and I decided to do some riding today before the skies opened up onh us again.
Expecting 2" of rain through the night, we decided to check out Mobbs Hill while it is relatively dry. We we're not disappointed.
This is an area that is in jeapordy of being closed, mostly due to reckless trail use, and lack of respect to the people that live on the access road. Hopefully it will remain open, because it is a really fun place to ride.

It features VT slickrock

Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame Natural environment Mountain bike Bicycle

It's about 100 ft or so of exposed granite, that climbs up to some more rolly granite,

Tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Mountain bike Bicycle fork

that then rolls down some fun and technical roots and rocks, ending in a big slimey rock that you roll down.

Clothing Tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycle frame

It twists and winds away through the woods, and you pass this really old and creepy tree,

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and just continues to bob and weave through the trees. It's one of my new favorite trails.
It is definitely a workout keeping the bike on the trail, especially on a singlespeed. There are rocks that will spin you out, saplings that will snag you, rock spines to fall off of, trees to hit, but it is all super fun stuff.

Clothing Tire Bicycle frame Wheel Bicycle wheel

I didnt get any shots of the vintage car graveyard out there as we were pressed for time.
I highly recommend visiting this trail network if you get the chance, it may not be around forever...
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Tasty! what kind of fork is on that Orange Niner???
That's a Walt Works, painted by Vicious. It's sweet, but I'm glad I had a front shock today.

That'd be such a shame to lose that as a riding area! That looks like a really fun ride, and it's doable on a single speed, huh?

Here's to hoping that you can enjoy many more miles of riding there and that you can get rid of the "evil element" that seems to be causing all the ruckus.

Good luck G!
Guitar Ted said:
That looks like a really fun ride, and it's doable on a single speed, huh?
Yeah, it's actually a great place to single speed - nothing super steep, and no extended climbs. It's a great combination of fast flowing singletrack and tricky tech sections. The only downside of the place is that it takes so long to drain and dry. The problems George mentioned are mostly related to people riding there when it is far too muddy. I'm glad I got in two good rides there this week before it started to rain again.

George, can you post the last shot I took of you? I'm curious to see how that one came out.
It's pretty pixelated, but here it is. It was dark in there, and I was going soooo fast

Clothing Mountain bike Natural environment Bicycle frame Mountain biking
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great pics! thanks for posting!
Yeah right

G - I have seen you ride....I think Mike was moving the camera too fast!!

Great shots though. We have so much fun stuff to ride around here I may need to take a month off and just ride.....
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