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On one of my rides at Frances Slocum State Park, I noticed some obstructions(big fat trees)that had blown down and blocked portions of the trail. Not fun!

Since I had been asked by Lee to lead the beginner's rides for NEPMTBA on the Tuesday night rides this coming season I felt a little trail maintenance was the right thing to do.

So, I set out on this glorious day with a hand saw and a whole bunch of determination to clear the trails for all to enjoy.

What a great workout doing it like it was done WAY back in the day! Not only sawing through the frozen trees, but then using nothing but big branches and rocks for leverage to move them off the trail. Wow, hard work makes you feel great! If you don't know what I mean, you should try it!

Now the trails are passable again, but I still need to trim some brush that is encroaching upon the established trails. By riding season everything should be in tip-top shape and everyone can enjoy FS as much as I do!

More pics here:


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Thanks and it's a pleasure maintaining trails there..I remember the first day I met with PM Baker in 2006 and since then our group has grown and developed a great relationship with the park. We have worked with multiple Frances Slocum park managers, and rangers throughout the years, keeping the trails open is great way to lend a hand. Thanks to guys like you for our continuing success our group has in many parks and private association throughout the Wyoming and Lackawanna valleys. I like your "think green" attitude and it shows what hard work and determination will accomplish. I'm sure the PM will be happy to see this and of course as always I will forward this to him along with your worked man hours.

Now everyone can ride and hike trails that are open and clear!:thumbsup:

Thanks again
Merry Christmas & Happy new Year
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