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Just a few questions, I have had my Turner DHR for a year and half now and a few problems have crept up, that I would like some opinions on.

Worn Out Headset
1. Due to the 1.5 inch headtube I have been running an FSA Extreme Pro 1.5 since new (wouldnt be my favorite headset but it was all I could get), its wearing out the bottom race bearings about every 4 months and the top soon follow, and there about £15 a pop, I am looking to change the headset as I am sick of stripping the headset down to replace them, the headset is installed properly, faced and pressed with the proper tools so I know this isnt to blame, I have came to the conclusion that the bearings are just crappy. Anyone got a good recommendation on other appropriate headsets? I was thinking of reducing it down and fitting a Chris king as I know these are a good headset, but whats the point in the 1.5 headtube if your not gonna take advantage of it.

Sticky Fox Shock
2. The bike has a Fox DHX 5.0, which to be honest is also crap. From day one it hasnt felt right its been for warranty twice and they say its fine (dont know what they are looking at), it is just so sticky feeling, its definately not the back end as it has been stripped and rebuilt loads and never felt any better but with the shock out the back end is lovely, after a hard run on a rocky course the shock works superbly and the bike feels great it just seems to need heating up, I cant tell you the amount of times I have stopped on a run thinking I have puncture because the shock has started to work so well. So I was thinking of having it rebuilt with the Push Race system its a bit pricey but if it sorts this thing out I will go for it, it seems the fox shock is just a bit complex I am simple man and like simple things. Your opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

3. What tyre pressure is everyone running on ther Downhill bikes, at the moment on michelin comps 16/24 I am running 20-25 psi, just wonder what everyone else runs I like it this way just wondering what everyone else is doing.
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