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Hi, I have some question about the Diamondback Sorties. (2010 Sortie 1) I tried looking for Diamondback's E-Mail but had no luck. I hope someone here could help me out.

First off, I am seriously considering the 2010 Sortie 1 as my first Full Suspension Mountain bike. I know some people may suggest looking for the old model but My heart is set on the new Model.

Now, Some question about Diamondback Sortie

I would like to start off by saying that I'm a Clydesdales, weighting in at 260 pound / 260lbs. I was wondering if the Sortie (2010 Sortie 1) is capable of handling my weight since I heard that theres a weight limit on Full Suspension Bikes for Clydesdales.

My other question is about the maximum Travel of the Diamondback Sortie and the Maximum Rotor size of the Rear. Most Importantly is what the Maximum travel that the sortie is capable of.

e.g From #" to #"


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I am sure the frame will hold your weight. The new frame is really nice, stiffer and lighter. I love the look of the Sortie 1 as well, that white looks good!! The travel is 130mm or 5" travel. Rear is not adjustable and you could run a 140mm fork up front to slacken the head angle a .5degree; but no need to run anything more. I would not run anything lower than 130mm fork as you will really mess up the head angle and the bike would handle really bad. You can fit a 7inch rotor on the rear and 8inch up front. That is plenty of power to control the Sortie.


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