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Some pics from AZ's National trail over the last couple of weeks

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Weather has been mild for us. Hope you enjoy.


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Where is this trail? looks like trail 100 through phoenix but its been 12 years since I rode that trail
Yea South Mountain... thanks for the pics fatjack - I'm jealous
Yeah that is South Mountain. I usually ride in the morning before work. This is a good time of year to ride, because the crowds are light.

This just made my "got to go ride" list. Thanks for posting!
Yeah it is nice to have it in our back yard.
The crowds are light? You need to share your start times then. I'm out there twice a week or so and the crowds have been crazy since maybe early December. I won't even go there on weekends.

I can't wait til it's hot again, so all these extra people can go back to Minnesota.

Agreed, though, super-nice to have a trail system like South Mountain right in the middle of the city.
Blatant said:
The crowds are light? .
That's what I was thinking. This is the worst possible time to ride SoMo as far as crowds go.

Anyhow, nice pics Jack. I'll take the elevated numbers of trail users over -40 degree wind chill factor ANY day. Natty is a blast!
Great to see rideable trails. Thanks for the reminder that there are places that aren't covered in snow
sportsaddict99 said:
Great to see rideable trails. Thanks for the reminder that there are places that aren't covered in snow
dittos - we have been buried for weeks. Like just about everyone.
I got the pleasure to ride SoMo for the first time this December. Great stuff! Thanks for the pics, fatjack.
I usaully ride before work. I am sure it gets busy latter, but on Friday I started riding at about 7:45a and only came across one set of hikers (on national) when I was comming down the trail. I try to get out there 3-4 times a week, but it is only durring the week. I don't go out there on weekends.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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