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The past few months has found me haunting various LBS , demoing a variety of emtb and coming up with some thoughts on sizing. I think there is a good amount of overlap. My first bike was a Powerfly 4 XS. It was the least expensive eMTB available and was only available in XS. It felt pretty good when I lightly demoed it so I decided to give it a whirl. After a few weeks it felt a little cramped and I looked for something bigger.

I did some more extensive demo of the following:
Levo Comp SL Medium
Moterra Neo 2 Small
Moterra Neo 3 Medium
Heckler MX-S Medium
Heckler MX-S Large

The bikes I found the least comfortable were the Levo SL and the Neo 2. The Neo 2 felt way too cramped and the Levo SL felt a touch big. Maybe because of the dual 29s front and back.

I liked both M and L Hecklers and was leaning toward the medium due to the size guide. However, someone beat me to the punch so I bought the Heckler large by default. While I haven’t taken on any real challenging trails since getting into biking, I can tell you the Heckler is a joy to ride. It also feels more tractable than the XS Powerfly 4 which despite its diminutive proportions kinda felt like a tank. Maybe due to the lighter wait of the Heckler.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my observations with other newbies on this forum.

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I think you went from a bike that was way too small to one that is just a bit too big. But if you're having fun you do you.
reach on Size L heckler is only 465mm. That doesnt seem to big. I have a bike with a a 460mm reach and quite frankly its feels great. I am basically the size of the OP and I feel like until the last year or so reachs were always too short.
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