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Solo rip on Mr Toads

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I got a couple of rides in this weekend. I got to ride northstar on saturday but I left the cam at the hotel room so no pics. On monday I went to a trail that one of the local shops told me about and it was sick. I started out on the tahoe rim trail at 7800', hiked up 3mi to about 9000' and dropped in on saxon creek trail (mr toads). Its 8 mi long and drops 3000', double black diamond on the top half and a single the rest of the way out. Steep, rocky, roots, scary, and fun as hell lol. I took a few pics on the way up but I was havin too much fun on the way down to stop for pics.

Then on my way home I got rear-ended with my bike on the trunk rack and its trashed.

Frame, wheel, rotor, hanger, and axle is bent so the bike shop said they wont fix it. Thier insurance covered the car, bike, and the rack. I'll have a new one next week.
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Do you get to keep the old bike and all of the parts? If so, not such a bad deal really as long as you did'nt get hurt.
OUCH! That's good your bike is covered by your insurance, happy new bike shopping :thumbsup:

Matt :eek:ut:
I asked but they wont let me keep it, they wouldnt even let me keep the rack.
Cejus said:
I asked but they wont let me keep it, they wouldnt even let me keep the rack.
So what do you think they'll do with your old bike and rack? Evidence? Take it all the way back to their office and throw it it the dumpster? huh...

Matt out:
The adjuster said they would probably destroy it, this was the first time they ever dealt with a bike so she wasnt sure. I dropped it off today and got my check, and there was oil leaking out of the compression adjustment on the bottom of the fork so there isnt much left to salvage.

I got it for 1999 + tax but the shop couldnt get the same deal for a replacement so I ended up getting 2500, so I ordered a Boot'r and should get it in a few days:D
Whoa- it sure wiped out your bike, alright! Nice pictures. Did you have to hike any snow banks on the rim trail or Toad`s?
No snow, dry and dusty the whole way.
Wow, that sucks! Were you on pioneer trail when you got hit, or highway 50? But new bike time!

Toads is classic tahoe, those red flowers too. It means summertime!
West on 50. Toads is sick and I'm headed back to Tahoe in Sep and I will deff hit again.
My new bike came in last Thurs but the fork was leaking out of the compression adjuster, so the shop ordered me another bike and I picked it up today. Cant wait to ride:cool:

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Mr. Toad's is a great ride. One of the best. I've only ridden it from he Fountain Springs Road to Armstrong Pass to TRT to Saxton Creek side though. More climbing but the descent down off the TRT to the top of Toad's is fun too........(Hiking? What's that?)

I was going to say bummer about the bike but then I saw your new one and instead I'll say...... sweeeeet. Congrats.
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