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Hi everyone. This is my fist time making a post here. I have been lurking here for awhile reading some great advice and enjoying the goings on here. But today I have to thank a couple, maybe even 3 or 4 guys who stopped and helped me out after a crash and burn I had at the Solitude Intermountain Cup Race yesterday on July 1st.

I am very new to the sport. I just started riding in April and have been having a ball. I am really loving mountain biking. I decided to try out the Joyride Race at Sherwood Hills because it was only 10 minutes away from home. I had such a great time too. I came in near last in the beginner 40-49 class but that’s just fine with me as I felt I did the best that I could. So I have decided to continue racing to help me push myself to get into better shape and to learn more about how to handle my bike.

At the Solitude race I am pretty sure I was in last place and was just about to finish. I had just started down the last rocky section before hitting the paved road (at least that’s where I think I was) when I went down hard. Being new to the sport and being the spaz that I am, I seem to fall down a lot anyway. But I have never hit the ground this hard. It knocked the wind out of me, knocked me a bit loopy (I was already border line dizzy from pushing myself as hard as I could), messed up my left shoulder, hip, leg, and arm. Bent my front wheel almost to the point of not being able to turn through the forks and twisted my handle bars 45 degrees or so the right. Luckily my bike took most of the impact.

Anyways there were some guys behind me warming up for their upcoming race who stopped and helped me up and tried to straighten up my bike for me and then followed me down with some words of encouragement. To you guys I say a huge THANK YOU!! I was a bit out of it (incoherent) at the time and I had one thing on my mind and that was to either ride my bike or carry it across the finish line and I totally missed out on the opportunity to thank you guys for helping a brother out. So here it is…THANK YOU!!!

I sure hope you guys read this so that you will know how much I appreciate it. I have no idea who you are, how many of you there were or anything. It’s all kind of a blur to me. So again THANK YOU! and I apologize to you for not thanking you at that time. That was way uncool of me and totally out of character too.

My racing days are definitely not over, but I doubt my body will be feeling up to it for the Snowbird race in two weeks. We’ll see. I seem to learn more in one just race than several days of just regular riding. So…I’ll be back.

Thanks again guys. :thumbsup:

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Sucks about the crash but it's pretty cool that some guys were so quick to help out. Last race I was in I crashed hard and people just stared at me. Waiting to see how much carnage there would be I guess. Luckily I was fine.

It's great that you love the racing. I just don't have the time or means to go to all the races throughout the state. I have done the Joyride since I am in Logan but sat out this year. I may take another shot at it next year when I will be 40. :D
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